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Things Experts Say About Taking Care of Your Skin

Moringa products charlotte NC

What many do not understand is skin type matters a lot because some have oily skin, some dry and some have very sensitive skin. In that case, are you aware of your skin type? Being aware of the skin always helps in purchasing the right cosmetic products that will take care of your skin health. On the other hand, using the wrong products or the popular hacks found on the internet could do damage to your skin as well as give birth to new skin problems.

Do you have a skincare routine?

Irrespective of the kind of skin you have, having a daily routine always helps in maintaining your skin health as well as improves conditions like scarring, acne, and even dark spots. According to SheaMoringa when it comes to a daily skincare routine, repeating these following four steps every morning and before sleep will show lots of improvement.


If you have a serum with Vitamin C like the ones of Moringa products charlotte NC, the growth factors or even the peptides are very useful to apply in the morning, especially under sunscreen. On the other hand, during night retinol or prescribed retinol is recommended for the best care of your skin.


It is expected that you use sunscreen daily but makes sure that you are using the ones that have at least 30 SPF for better protection. Also, remember to apply it 15 minutes before you are going outside the shade because the sunscreen takes some time to activate. Furthermore, those with dark skin should be more careful because hyperpigmentation is tough to cure. In that case, make sure to use the products of a reputed brand like the Moringa products charlotte NC which provides a wide UVA/UVB protection and are usually recommended by skin doctors.


Experts advise using cleansers that do not leave your skin constricted after cleaning with water. Wash your face twice a day but not more than that for people with dry skin. Avoid wearing makeup. Many people feel that the squeaky-clean feeling is good but it actually washes off the original oil of the skin consequently.


One of the main reason moisturizer is important is that they ensure the hydration of the skin as well prevents flaking, dullness and builds a preventive layer of moisture that stays throughout the day. It is recommended to use moisture after washing your face or best use it after taking a shower. However, if the skin is very wet then the lotion is going to slide off slowly. Moreover, many people have the tendency to ignore the neck while applying moisture on the other parts of their body. It is a bad habit so make sure to not stop at the jawline but take care of your neck skin simultaneously.

On a concluding note, it is advised to use products that fit the nature of your skin sensitivity. Also, remember the labels accurately before buying any skincare products from the shop or the description given in the online skincare products. 

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