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How I color my Gray Hair using HENNA natural hair dye

Here is how I color my gray hair without chemical dyes. This is time consuming but better for the health of your hair. In addition to covering my grays, it is also a great treatment for my hair. It adds strength and promotes growth. It turns my gray into this brownish golden color which I love but if you prefer your hair black, add indigo after this step. All the henna products can be found at www.hennaking.com. This is my second time using this brand of Henna. I love it because I don’t have to wait after I mix to apply and I don’t have to mix with lemon juice like I did with the brand I used in the past. Most importantly it works!!

I use one package. Directions are on the product.

The instruction calls for warm water.

I mix about 1.5 cups of warm water to achieve the consistency of pudding. Use plastic or glass bowl.
It should be the consistency of pudding so it sticks to the hair and not run down your neck.

This is my hair before application. My last application was three months ago. I use headwraps and wig when the gray hair starts to show. This depends on the growth of your hair. Mine shows after 6 weeks. The golden color stays golden. It doesn’t change to gray. Only the new growth. Make sure your hair is damp and clean before applying the henna.

Here is the completed process. Apply to entire hair from roots to ends. You can do it yourself or ask for help like I did. My daughter Emerald did the application for me.

Cover with plastic cap and blow dry on medium heat if prefer and cover with head wrap as shown.

The instruction says leave in for 1.5 – 3 hours but I am extra so I kept it in for 11 hours. You can leave in and run errands or overnight. Here is the final look before I washed the hair.

I washed with water only per instruction. The color needs time to be fully absorbed by the hair so do not shampoo for 3 days.

Three days later. I am ready for shampoo and conditioner.

Here is the final look after shampoo and conditioner.

Here is the final look after shampoo and conditioner. I love it. I apply SheaMoringa Hair butter and SheaMoringa Hair growth oil (Future Product).

Check the link below to my Youtube channel for the video. Thanks.

Yours Truly,

Helena Giko, RN BSN MPH

Founder, SheaMoringa

~~When God is Ready, Everything Flows~~

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