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Dyeing Hair with Henna: 5 Things to Know

Henna natural hair dye powder

Are you considering dyeing your hair? Dyeing your gray hair naturally needs not to be troublesome for you. Try Henna natural hair dye powder to cover those unwanted gray hair. SheaMoringa is your one-stop destination, featuring Moringa as the hero ingredient, which is good both for your hair and skin.

Before you go for applying henna to dye your hair, there are a few things to know about henna and how it benefits your hair.

Here are the things you want to know before applying henna on your hair:

  • Is henna a good option to dye your hair?

Henna hair dye powder is known to be the most effective hair conditioner. Naturally, it can make your hair thicker, stronger and shinier too. If your hair is turning dull, looking unhealthy and volume-less, henna can be the lifesaver. Also, it helps to keep the balance of the hair’s natural pH level and fight free radicals off. Henna works on the scalp as well, which means not only will your hair remain healthy but it will also improve the scalp by strengthening the growth of hair follicle.

  • How to apply henna without being messy?

Applying henna on hair can be messy, but not difficult if done in the right way. To ensure a smooth application, you might want to continue the process in the bathroom. when you start applying henna, be careful because it can create a mess. Henna, when mixed with water, is a muddy texture and can drip on to the floor. As it stains, you need to be cautious, unless it will stain your floor or skin.

Note: You can apply any balm on the skin to prevent it from getting stained.

  • How long does the color remain on hair?

Henna is considered to be an alternative to permanent hair dye. The color of your hair may remain up to for the first 3 to 4 weeks. It actually varies.

  • How long does henna take to set on the hair?

The staining power of henna is pretty decent. However, it can take more time than you think. depending on the vibrancy you want to achieve, you can leave the mix on your hair for up to 1 to 4 hours.

Note: If you want to get it right, use a shower cap which will help the dye warm, resulting in effective results. Also, it will prevent the drips from going down and you can roam around the house.

  • Will it be difficult to alter the color of hair once you apply henna?

There are some henna brands that use metallic salts, and after you use one of them, you might not get able to use another chemical hair dye over it.


  • Henna promotes hair growth. Henna exhibits natural properties, which help your hair to grow rapidly.
  • It reduces hair fall. The impact of using henna is deep. It reaches deep down the scalp and works to promote improving follicle health. If you use henna, you can kick hair fall to the curb.
  • It helps repair the split end. Dyeing hair with henna powder nourishes hair from deep, takes good care of your dry hair, which in turn, prevents split end.  

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