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5 Ways to jumpstart your New Year’s weight loss goal

I am passionate about health and believe in a healthy mind, body and soul. Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding all the diet-related diseases should be easy but it is NOT!! There are so many factors involved and lots of high level players whose sole purpose is to make money and get extremely rich off … Continue reading

How I color my Gray Hair using HENNA natural hair dye….

Here is how I color my gray hair without chemical dyes. This is time consuming but better for the health of your hair. In addition to covering my grays, it is also a great treatment for my hair. It adds strength and promotes growth. It turns my gray into this brownish golden color which I … Continue reading

A Letter to Self….

A brief letter to myself during this time of the year when we reflect on the past and eagerly await the New Year. Please read with an open mind and share if you think someone may be inspired. Thank you! Dear Self, You are strong, smart, beautiful and determined. You are kind-hearted, empathetic and generous. … Continue reading

3 Ways to prepare for your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

Here are three ways your can start now to prepare for 2018, the “Year of Health”. I will keep bringing you tips on ways to keep you motivated. If you enjoy this blog and learn from it then please share and let others benefit as well. That’s how we can grow the SheaMoringa family. 1. … Continue reading

Portabella Mushroom Stir Fry with Boiled Plantain

This is a vegan recipe meaning no meat, chicken or fish. I occasionally eat fish but for the most part, this is how I eat. I find it filling and it works for me. Modify as you wish, substitute plantain with potatoes or rice and enjoy! Ingredients: You will need frozen mixed bell peppers and … Continue reading

Mayocoba beans with boiled plantain

Here is another recipe to help you on your journey to lasting health and weight loss. You can substitute this with your usual meal twice a week. You will need: 2 pounds Mayocoba or your beans of choice 1 onion 3 small tomatoes 6 Half ripe plantain 2 tablespoon vegetable oil seasonings of your choice … Continue reading