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What is the Right Way to Take Care of Your Skin?

Right now, most of us know that taking care of our skin is very important. This is not only because it looks better but also because we also need to maintain our skin's health. It is necessary to follow a proper skincare regiment daily to remove the dead cells and dust particles from the surface.   But then many do not know the right way to apply skincare products. Doing it the wrong way will not do any good. Instead, it can harm your skin. So to avoid any such situation and to take care of your skin correctly, make… Read More

How to Take Care of Dry Skin During Winter?

With changing season, the needs of your skin do change. This is why changing your skincare habits is important. During winter, temperatures drop drastically, leaving your skin drier than ever. With the drop in temperature, the humidity level goes down. Dry air along with harsh wind to blame for your chapped lips cracked hands. All in all, your skin turns out to be sensitive to the weather elements. Ample skincare products for sale get available during winter. However, it is not just applying good products, but also creating and pursuing some healthy habits to keep your skin in its best… Read More

Why Does your Hair Get Damaged and How to Fix It?

Everyone has been there! Damaged hair is a common hair woe. Knowing how to fix your damaged hair needs you to go deep into the issue. Be it from coloring, UV damage, over-styling, or split ends - both internal and external factors are to blame for your damaged strands of hair. There are lots of hair care products in Charlotte, NC to help you repair damaged hair, however, before spending your money in those products, it makes sense that you know what your hair seeks. Creating and pursuing healthy hair habits is the key to preventing hair issues. At Sheamoringa,… Read More

What are the Benefits of Using Body Butter?

Natural body butter products contain no harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens, or any synthetic fragrances at all. Unlike natural body care products, traditional ones are overloaded with dubious ingredients that are harmful to our skin. At Sheamoringa, we are excited to talk about why you ought to choose a natural alternative for your skin for better nourishment and moisture. Natural body butter product like Sheamoringa body butter is richer and thicker than that of body creams. The best thing about them is that they are also effective for dry and sensitive skin. They usually contain a significantly high volume of natural… Read More

Hair Fall: Why It Happens?

Let's face it. Hair fall can be upsetting. We have all been there. While hair fall is not something unusual, certainly there are some reasons why you lose those hair strands. At Sheamoringa, we would like to discover and bring you to the reasons why your hair sheds and how to deal with it. Why does Hair Shed? Firstly, hair shedding is completely normal and on average, a woman loses around 50 to 100 hair per day that is not unusual. On days that you wash your hair, it is normal to lose more than 50-100 hairs. However, in case… Read More

Using Henna Natural Hair Dye- Common Mistakes and Tips to Know

Apply Henna on your hair is considered as one of the natural remedies to cover up the grey hairs. This natural dye does not contain any chemicals and is totally safe for your hair follicles. You can easily make a paste of Henna in your home with other ingredients like yogurt, lemon, and eggs and apply the paste on your hair. Keep it till it dries up and washes your hair to remove the pack completely. Henna natural hair dye powder not only covers the grey hairs, but it also helps in keeping your hair in good condition for long.… Read More

The Top Lesser-known Beauty Tips for Your Face Skin

Many amongst us are worried about their dark circles that are happening because of working late at night. A lot of us try different face wash, but the results are hardly any different. Besides, problems like dry skin, patchy skin, oily skin, plus some have combination skin at the same time. First, we need to understand that achieving a glowing, flawless skin is never an overnight miracle. That is why Sheamoringa has decided to reveal some of the best practices that you must adopt to transform your troubled skin into a flawless one. Remember the Golden Rule Always remember to… Read More

What are the Best Ways by Which You can Take Care of Your Hair?

In this blog post, you will come to know about the best tips advised by the experts at Sheamoringa to take care of the beautiful long locks of yours. With the help of these tips, you will be able to see the difference in your hair quality within a few days. Your hair will grow strong healthy over time. These tips also apply to those people who have short hair and whose hair won’t grow after a certain point. Choose the Right Hairbrush Many do not know that the boar bristle brush or a wet brush is the best choice… Read More

Everything You Want To Know About Applying Henna Powder

When it comes to applying henna natural hair dye powder, there are a lot of thoughts on how to apply henna the right way. Henna is the most suitable way to dye hair and is considered as the best alternative to chemical-laden dyes for hair. How to Apply Henna – A Guide on Preparation and Application There are generally two types of henna available on the market, and they are: Red henna- it is 100% pure and Henna with sodium picramate – it is a synthetic element that enriches color while intensifying the shade of red. How to Use it While… Read More

What are The Top Health Benefits of Moringa Oleifera?

Do you know what Moringa oleifera is? Well, it is a plant that is being used for many centuries because of its numerous health benefits. It is not only rich in healthy antioxidants as well as bioactive plant compounds. Also, it is said that there are many more benefits to this plant which has not been discovered yet. SheaMoringa is a renowned one-stop shop where you can buy moringa oleifera powder at affordable rates. It is the best place where you can get natural skincare products for all kind of skin treatment. Check the following facts that describe the different… Read More