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About Us

Find out more about our company and what we strive to achieve.

Our Mission Statement

To enhance our customers’ lives by offering a selection of high-quality products that promote health, wellness, and beauty.

About SheaMoringa

SheaMoringa is your online one-stop-shop for handmade, all-natural products for your skin and hair that feature moringa as their star ingredient. Ultimately, we want to provide you with easy access to quality products at affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else. This is so you can feel great and let your beauty shine from within.

The SheaMoringa Story

My quest for a healthy and natural way of life led me to rediscover some products that I knew growing up in USA and Liberia , West Africa. These were the raw Shea butter and black soap from neighboring Ghana, West Africa and the coconut and palm kernel oil extracted right in our back yards. Extensive research into these products highlighted the multiple benefits and thanks to modern cold-pressed technology, palm kernel oil can now be used without the burnt smell and black oil that we knew and avoided.

Since I rediscovered these ingredients in 2010, I’ve come to appreciate their many benefits for me and my family’s hair and skincare. The Shea butter is a great moisturizer that has been used for centuries. It comes from the Shea nut trees in Ghana, West Africa and gathered by women and prepared through a laborious process to yield the final product widely used in the cosmetic industry. The black soap is also made in Ghana by women using plants extracts and either Shea, coconut or palm kernel oil to produce a final product that cleanse the hair, face and body without any chemical additives. Coconut oil and palm kernel is widely used in the skincare industry for their moisturizing and antibacterial properties.

While conducting research during my graduate program for my Masters in Public Health in 2015, I discovered Moringa and I’ve been obsessed. Moringa is commonly called ‘The Tree of Life’ and grows in Africa and India. The entire tree is useful; the leaves and other parts of the tree possess many nutritional as well as medicinal benefits. The oil, cold-pressed from the seeds is a most for those serious about natural skincare. Adding this oil and other rare, high quality oils to my skin and hair care routine has made a noticeable difference.

My love for Shea butter and passion for all things Moringa led to the creation of ‘SheaMoringa’, an all-natural hair and skincare line the entire family can use. It is my desire to provide you with a natural and the best option when choosing hair and skincare products for you and your family. When you buy SheaMoringa products, you can be assured that you are making the right decision. You will be buying products with high-quality natural ingredients that your hair, face, and body will love. Also, a percentage of your purchase goes to support organizations that focus on Health and Education in the USA and Liberia.

Thanks for your support!


Helena Giko, MPH, BSN, RN

Founder, SheaMoringa