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A Letter to Self

A brief letter to myself during this time of the year when we reflect on the past and eagerly await the New Year. Please read with an open mind and share if you think someone may be inspired. Thank you!

Dear Self,

You are strong, smart, beautiful and determined. You are kind-hearted, empathetic and generous. You are a good and loyal friend. You are funny and the life of the party. Although you appear reserved, you can be wild with those who you feel comfortable with and who bring out the best in you. You are sensual, sexy and a hopeful romantic.

You are not perfect. In fact, you are a fool when it comes to matters of the heart. You trust easily and wholeheartedly. And even when you’ve been betrayed over and over again, your continue to hope for the best.

You are usually misunderstood and judged by people who don’t understand that you are not ordinary but extra ordinary. You are analytical and your point of view is unique. And for the few that understand and get you, it is an amazing relationship!

As you reflect on your life of 46 years, you realize that you have been broken, betrayed, disrespected, used and abandoned. But through it all, you still rise above and are still strong enough to motivate others. You have been successful in some areas of your life and unfulfilled in others. Looking back, those areas of success were where you took charge and the areas of failures were when you turn your power over to others. Well, you can’t cry over spilled milk now…can you? You must cut your losses and move forward. You’ve given it your all and now realize that you are more capable than you thought you were. You have so much to offer, so much love to give and so much potential.

As 2018, the Year of New Beginnings roll in, you are hopeful, you are excited and inspired to live the life that you are meant to live. That simple, wholesome, and honest life filled with possibilities with people who understand your value and are prepared to add to your awesomeness!

Although some aspects of that past life has died, mourn it, bury it and be grateful for the experience and lessons learned. I know you get sad and disappointed sometimes because your expectations were grand and ambitious, but let it go knowing that you have done everything humanly possible.

Dear Self, you are worthy and deserving of what 2018 is bringing.

Dear Self, you are open to new adventures and discoveries.

Dear Self, you are a treasure and will be treated as such.

Dear Self, I wish for you so much love, joy, peace, security and stability.

Dear self, You are Loved!!

Yours Truly,

Helena Giko, RN BSN MPH

Founder, SheaMoringa

~~When God is Ready, Everything Flows~~

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