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5 Ways to jumpstart your New Year’s weight loss goal

I am passionate about health and believe in a healthy mind, body and soul. Maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding all the diet-related diseases should be easy but it is NOT!! There are so many factors involved and lots of high level players whose sole purpose is to make money and get extremely rich off your unhealthy lifestyle.

I’ve seen this first-hand as a Registered Nurse and felt helpless seeing my patients suffer with chronic diseases that were preventable. My desire to get my masters degree in public health was so I could be able to provide simple and relatable information to help those interested in living a healthy and simple life. I am grateful for this platform and I hope you find the information helpful.

1. Your Mindset

I wrote a blog a month ago about 3 ways to prepare for your New Year’s weight loss resolution. If you haven’t read it, please check it out. Your mind has to be right before you can embark on any change especially something as challenging as weight loss. I don’t know about you but for me to do anything and I mean anything…, I have to be mentally ready. If not, I won’t give it my best and the result will be mediocre. And why would you want to be average when you can be exceptional? So get into the right mindset to succeed and start.

2. Take Moringa daily.

I discovered moringa in 2015 while studying for my MPH and my life has not been the same. According to Good Morning America, moringa is predicted to be the #1 wellness trend of 2018. I also wrote about the multiple benefits of moringa so check it out. Moringa comes in the form of tea, powder, capsule, oil, seed, dried and fresh leaves and oil. The oil is used in all SheaMoringa products and very beneficial for your skin and hair. It also curbs cravings which is great for those who struggle to control snacking. There is a link on my homepage about a reputable source where I purchase my moringa capsule.

3. Drink Water

Start drinking water or increase your water intake. If you find water difficult to drink, add lemon slices and drink up, it gets easier with time. Water keeps you full and helps to curb hunger. It hydrates you and keeps you focused. I keep water at my bedside so it is easier to drink a glass first thing in the morning. Try it.

4. Decrease Sugar Intake

Start reading labels if you are not already doing so. You will find that there is sugar in everything!! No sugary drinks my people, drink water or tea (preferably unsweetened) is best. Don’t worry, you will get use to it.

5. Eliminate Processed Foods

This is a lifestyle change so I expect it to be difficult but you can do it. Those package meals have so much additives that you DO NOT NEED!! They add salt, fats and preservatives….you do not need that…I repeat. Make time for your health and life and prepare simple and healthy meals at least twice a week and do meal prep. I’ve listed simple vegan recipes here on my blog but you can add chicken or fish. I usually get frozen vegetables to save prep time. Youtube has so many ideas on meal prepping. Find one that you can relate to and adjust it to your preference.

I understand everyone is signing up for the gym now but give yourself at least 2 weeks on the steps above. Disrupt the norm. Do not do what everyone is doing. Changing your eating habit and adding the gym at the same time will overwhelm you. Start slow, small and keep it simple and you will surely achieve your goal. 2018 is your year of Health so Claim It!!

Yours Truly,

Helena Giko, RN BSN MPH

Founder, SheaMoringa

~~When God is Ready, Everything Flows~~

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