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3 Ways to prepare for your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

Here are three ways your can start now to prepare for 2018, the “Year of Health”. I will keep bringing you tips on ways to keep you motivated. If you enjoy this blog and learn from it then please share and let others benefit as well. That’s how we can grow the SheaMoringa family.


Develop a positive mindset and know that you can do this and whatever you set your mind to do. Your mind can be your friend or your enemy in life. Don’t entertain the negative thoughts that creep into your head whenever you want to make a change. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. Examples of some negative thoughts are: – we all will die someday no matter how healthy you are; or I can’t do this, I don’t have the will power to resist temptations; or this issue is too big for me, what am I thinking? Who do I think I am? Replace those negative thoughts with these positive ones and practice repeating them to yourself everyday. Some positive thoughts to consider are: – yes we will all die but how well am I living? Do I want to live well or am I settling for disease, illness, and disability that may occur if I don’t get healthy? Also, think of one or two reasons why you want to be healthy and let that be your motivation. For me, it is to feel good and to look good. Simple as that. It doesn’t have to be complex. And lastly, know that what you eat and how you eat is mostly up to you. You decide what you will buy and bring into your home and put into your mouth. I know it is a constant challenge. We live in a society where large cooperation control everything and extensively research our behaviors and aggressively market to us. BUT, we need to go against the grain sometimes; especially when it comes to our health. Be a REBEL for your health!!


When I say space I’m referring to your home. Particularly your pantry and kitchen. Clean out your pantry and discard anything that will stop you from reaching your goal. Replace those things with healthy alternatives. Also, tidy up your kitchen cabinets and organize. This will make your life easier when you are preparing those dishes that will fuel your body and your soul. Bring in live plants. They make your space come alive and beautify it. Don’t forget candles with scent that brings you joy. This is similar to a bird preparing the nest before laying her precious egg or a mother preparing her home before the birth of her child. So go ahead and prepare your space before you ‘birth’ that new idea- “Healthy Living 2018 and beyond”!!!


Start by keeping your mind right. Positive thoughts only! Don’t dwell on the negatives, don’t focus on the past and what has not work. This is a new day! You are doing the right thing; you’ve come to the right place. The fact that you are reading my blog in December means that you are serious about your new life. A life not perfect by any means but filled with challenges that you are FULLY capable of overcoming in 2018. I am by no means the authority on health but for as long as I can remember, I’ve been a REBEL for my health and through my journey, I’ve learned what works for me and will be sharing that with you on this blog. So keep coming back for more ideas on how we can conquer this beast once and for all. Until my next blog, stay focus and stay motivated. Thank you.

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Yours truly,

Helena Giko, RN, BSN, MPH

Founder, SheaMoringa.

~~When God is ready, everything flows~~

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